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Red city

I hope no one worried about with the lack of an update.  I’ve had a slow couple of weeks that haven’t been super motivating work wise, so didn’t take a bunch of pictures.  Had an awesome time on the beach in Florida watching the sun come up and didn’t want to minimize it by seeing it through a viewfinder.  Plus I’m not good enough to do it justice yet anyway.


Finally got some new(er) wheels.  The truck is only 3 years newer than the blue truck I was driving, but has half a million fewer miles, and half a ton less bondo.  The trailer is brand new, when this picture was taken, it was hauling it’s 4th load ever.

2013-09-05 17.56.25

Got a weird look from a fellow driver for standing two feet in front of my truck pointing a dslr and zoom lense at my grill.  I told him I take my pre trip inspections seriously, but really I was admiring the beauty I had killed, but not completely destroyed.


Finally started getting the miles going again and then wound up with a day to kill in Cincinnati.  Tried meeting up with an old friend Saturday evening but she flaked at the last minute so I was on my own.   Thank goodness for google maps and taxi cabs.  Got to try some new dishes and met some nice people in the Oakley neighborhood.

Sunday I waited till the hottest part of the day was done, then took a bus downtown.  Saw lots of interesting neighborhoods along the way that I must explore the next time I’m in the area with time to kill.  The Reds were playing, so there were tons of fans in the street around the stadium.  A couple of them asked to be in my pictures, and then thanked me.   Pretty friendly place, I guess.  I walked down by the river next to the stadium, and walked across the Covington-Cincinnati bridge linking Ohio and Kentucky.



Finally, as a bonus, since I made you guys wait so long, here’s a picture of an old school truck stop sign in Missouri.  The place is still open, has a great restaurant, and plenty of parking.



Delivering in Austin in the AM, then off to Alabama.  Keep it between the solid lines!


Mike the Headless Chicken

Hanging out in Fruita, CO today doing the mandated 34 hour break.  Took a walk around town and spotted a neat old hooptie.



Lorren, the owner of this fine specimen of automotive art was in the yard, so we chatted.  It’s a 1958 Olds Fiesta Wagon.  I’m digging the West Coast mirrors.


Lorren also told me about another of Fruita’s claims to fame, Mike the headless chicken.  Interesting.

Got hungry and went to the local brew pub for lunch.  Calamari and Redneck Nachos (home made potato chips with bleu cheese and bacon.)  Chatted a bit with Tim, the General Manager of the Fruita Times.   Then it was off to check out the park and the Colorado river, which runs next to Colorado National Monument.  Pretty.  Off to Loveland tomorrow to make this delivery, then who knows where.

2013-06-18 16.58.19

Living the dream!

Don’t let the title fool you.  I had to fight to stay positive yesterday.  First I woke up way to early, then went back to sleep and woke up too late.  There was no catching up either.  The late start meant driving through Seattle-Tacoma rush hour this morning.  Then unloading took 3 hours.  Get loaded at the next shipper only took an hour or so, but then I had to use the truck scale at the busiest little truck stop ever, then get fuel at another truck stop and finally reach Portland, OR just in time for afternoon rush hour.

2013-06-18 16.57.29

Speaking of Portland highways, anyone up for some spaghetti?

2013-06-18 16.58.19


On the bright side, I did get to see a rainbow.

2013-06-18 19.51.51

Now back to the title..  I overheard a driver saying this when someone asked him how he was doing and now I’ve adopted it as my own motto.  Not only am I currently getting paid to see alot of cool stuff, even if I didn’t have this job, it’s pretty awesome being able to wake up every morning and see the beauty around me without getting mired in negativity and be physically and emotionally able to bring a smile to someone’s face and maybe one day even change some person’s life for the better.


Enough rainbows and sappy stuff, I’m off to Never Never Land…  I mean California.