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Texas Toast

Sitting at a dock in Stockton, CA and thinking about stuff.  Remembered I shot a bunch of pictures of a sunset in Texas a couple of weeks ago, so I figured I should post one.  It is actually 3, my first go at HDR.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod that day,so one or two of the cows might be ghosts, but it’ll have to do.




21 miles from California, in Sparks, NV.  Will be delivering this load tomorrow, then heading back towards Charlotte to get new trailer and hopefully a newer truck.


Couple of snaps from Morris, IL  where I spent a relaxing 34 hours.

2013-07-28 17.43.59 DSC_0335

Iowa 80 Truck stop on, hmm, Interstate 80, in… oh yeah, Iowa.  They have a dentist and a chiropractor.




Good morning Salt Lake City!






My first view of the Great Salt Lake.

DSC_0402 DSC_0405



Bonneville Salt Flats.  Anyone else noticing a theme here?

DSC_0417 DSC_0426



Westward Ho!

I got busy all of a sudden.  Grabbed a load from Dallas going to Columbus, OH, then immediately hooked up to another load going to Dayton, NJ.  Sat for a few hours beyond the mandated 10 hour break and got dispatched to pick up a load of peanuts and macadamia nuts in Bethlehem, PA going to Stockton, CA.  This exciting for a couple of reasons.  First, the route will take me through South Dakota, which is one of the 3 lower 48 states I’ve never visited.  Second, I’ll be taking I-80 and so will be passing through Walcot, Iowa for the first time.  Walcot is home to the largest truck stop in the world, the Iowa 80.  I will also cross through Reno and Carson City, Nevada.  My previous trips through Nevada have all been on the south end, through Las Vegas.


In Kentucky, I saw a new Fifth Army command truck being carted to wherever it will call home.f0040960 f0198144


Near Bethlehem, PA, there were a couple of guys trying to be birds over the highway, so I had to stop to take a shot.


Later, in Milesburg, PA, the cloud/moon interaction kept me up way past bedtime as I tried to capture it for you.



Passing through Chicago Heights last night at sundown, the light hit just right and turned the bottoms of the clouds red.  Couldn’t stop there, so the picture doesn’t have the best focus.  I hope you can forgive me.  This lasted for all of two minutes.



Have to take today off in Morris, Illinois, but hopefully after doing laundry I’ll get out for a walk and can find something interesting.


Thanks for reading


Picture a lonely country road, about 45 minutes north of Dallas, TX.  A couple of houses, hundreds of yards apart, and one side lined with shrubs and short trees.   A wall of green, except for one single yellow bloom, determined to add a little brightness to it’s monotonous environment.  Is this a metaphor, or just an irresistible photo op?

Alone amongst the crowd.
Alone amongst the crowd.

The Southern Tour

Yes, I’m still alive and still trucking.  I haven’t traveled nearly as many miles in the past couple of weeks as I would have liked, and when I have traveled, I’ve had to drive hard to meet deadlines.  After leaving Charlotte, I picked up a load in Spartanburg, SC and headed to Ohio.  It rained most of the way.  In Ohio, I got another load of Jack Daniels bottles to take to Lynchburg, TN.  Then I took a load of appliance parts to Tulsa, Oklahoma and had a day and a half off so decided to explore Tulsa.  I must say, downtown Tulsa on a Sunday is not a very exciting place.  Or maybe it was, but I was not so excited to be having to take a cab because their buses don’t run on Sundays.  My cab driver did offer to take me to an acclaimed museum for no fare if Id pay his admission to the museum.  Not really having a plan of my own, I accepted and we saw the museum.  It was ok, and had some nice art, but I was too bummed about their no pictures policy to really enjoy it.

Finally got out of Tulsa Monday and headed to Atlanta which took me through Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.  Then off to Nashville with a load of Clorox products.  At least I got my laundry caught up at our terminal there (Not with the products I hauled from Atlanta!).  Left with a load of clothes for Cato on Thursday and delivered that evening at Hazelton, MO.  Yesterday I loaded Miracle Grow in Wright City, MO and dropped the trailer at the Home Depot DC in Topeka, KS.

And that’s where I’m at now, waiting to see where I’ll go next.  I’ve been trying to get west, but that doesn’t seem to be working out.


Dwight, the Cab Driver/Museum Patron
Flowers in the museum’s garden, the only place there that I could take pictures.
Something about the past meeting the future, I think.


Baby birds in the smoking area shelter at our terminal in Mt. Juliet, TN.
2013-07-18 19.40.41-1
64 mph Sunset over the Ohio River.


On a brighter note, I do now have a telephoto zoom lens so I can reach out to some sights that are more than 50 feet from the highway.   Expect more pictures of weird, pretty or otherwise interesting things along the road.


Back in the saddle

What a fantastic vacation.  Spent a few lovely days just slowing down in the mountains of Virginia with my friend.  Well, not too slow.  We did manage to squeeze in a 4 mile hike to see a beautiful waterfall, and a 2 hour ropes course to make sure our muscles didn’t atrophy.  Oh, and my friend picked blueberries.  I just took pictures and swatted at gnats, flies and other creatures.

We got home on Friday, where I managed to spend all the money my friend had saved me with her meticulous budget trip planning by ordering a camera, my very first camera that isn’t attached to a cell phone.  Amazon and FedEx blew me away with this order.  I was planning to be on the road Monday morning, so I paid the extra $8 to get saturday delivery, expecting to receive it Saturday afternoon.  But no, the doorbell rang at 8:15 and the way cool Nikon that had been in a warehouse in Washington state less than 14 hours earlier, was sitting on the stoop!  Obviously I couldn’t go back to bed at that point, so out of the box it comes.

Now it’s time to study and practice and learn how to use it.  Please bear with me while I figure out to take pictures as well as my cell phone.  I’m certain the results will be worth it.

Now back to the timeline.  Yesterday, I was assigned a load that picked up in Charlotte, going to Atlanta.  Well, there were issues with the trailer, and then more issues at the trailer repair facility, and about 10:00 PM we gave up on it and I went back home.  So new day today, I get a new load assignment.  This one picks up in Spartanburg, SC, where I am writing this post while I wait almost 3 hours now to get loaded.  Then off to Zanesville, OH.

I did at least park beside a cute driving team…


Keep the greasy side down till we meet again.

Home at last

Wow, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted.  Sorry about that.  I got a bit of a head cold coming out of California and it really demotivated me.  Aside from that, I’ve had a bunch of hurry up and wait situations so when I’m seeing stuff, there’s no time to take pictures, and when I have time, I’m sitting in a truck stop.  You guys want truck stop pictures?


I did get to see a double rainbow while going through Kansas.  It was raining intermittently and there were 40-50 mph crosswind gusts so the picture may not make it onto a postcard.

2013-06-24 20.48.33


Woke up the next morning at a little truck stop in Ottawa KS and really enjoyed the wildflowers in the field I was next to.

2013-06-25 10.34.37


And when I stopped for lunch at the TA in Morris IL, they were having a customer appreciation day with free hot dogs and burgers, and a girl in a dunking booth.  I took three shots and missed, but the local baseball star made sure she got wet.

2013-06-27 15.27.11


Finally I stopped near Knoxville to get the truck washed.  It may be getting traded in while I’m off this week, so this could be the last chance for a picture of it.

2013-06-29 17.28.09

I’m in Charlotte now, after 7 weeks on the road, but will be leaving tomorrow for a week of much needed R & R in western VA.  I’ll update when I’m rolling again, hopefully with pictures of a great new truck too!