So after taking 3 weeks to get to California, I got to deal with rush hour traffic near Sacremento, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2 days.  Now the boss wants me back to finally get the new trailer, and newer truck, so headed to Loveland, CO as I start working my way back east.


Coming out of LA, I made it 37 miles in 2 hours.  But then I got to see a fantastic sunset in the San Bernadino hills.  I’ll figure out how to get all the colors some day.




Some days it seems the best stuff is behind me, or at least it looks better in the convex mirror.



Went by an accident scene tonight.  I didn’t take any pictures, all I could see was the bottom of a semi about 10 feet downhill from the shoulder of the road.  Remembered to give thanks to God for keeping me safe.  Ya’ll be careful, danger is around every curve.  Thankfully we don’t have to go it alone.


Oh, and I’m sleeping under the stars at my favorite rest spot in the Mojave.